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Redditch New Town - The Story of its Development

This book, written by Gordon Anstis who was a member of the Board of the Redditch Development Corporation from 1965 to 1985 is the definitive story of the towns development.

In chronicles the decisions taken and why they were taken and explains the principle that guided the planners and what they set out to achieve.

Its easy now to look back over the past 50 years and identify both things that worked well, like the road system, and those which did not meet expectations, like the local amenity centres of Woodrow, Churxh Hill and Winyates.

Once the decision on a new town at Redditch had been made our fate was cast and the inevitable change for ever started. Perhaps 50 years is still too short a time to judge if could have been done better.

Read the book and understand a little more.