After many years of debate, the Redditch Development Corporation, decided that the new town shopping centre should be sited in the current town centre. To do this, many of the historic streets which formed the heart of the existing town, were marked for demolition and redevelopment.

For a ten year period, from 1973 to 1983, the face of Redditch town centre was changed for ever. Town landmarks, family homes, offices, shops and factories were razed to the ground. People & business had to move. Some survived and some did not. The result is often debated as to whether it was good or bad. Loss of history & heritage is always bad and the modern shopping complex we have today is not to everybody's taste.  However, ask yourself the question what would the town be like without the development? What sort of town would the run-down terraces, the higledy-pigledy shops, the narrow streets and the back-street factories have provided in the 21st century?

People under forty, and those who moved to the new town in the 1980’s, have no memories of those lost streets. People who do remember them do so with perhaps rose-tinted glasses. This site aims to help perpetuate those times so you can make up your own mind.


Site Development

The story this site aims to tell is a major undertaking.  It was started in 2011 and 12 months elapsed even before the first few pages were published.  We anticipate that this is a task that will go on for many years and there will always be new facts, new photos and new stories to add.

We are reliant on you, the public to continue to feed us with material to add. Sadly the number of original Redditch residents with firsthand memories  is decreasing year by year so in these first few years of the project its imperative we capture those memories whilst we can. So if you have a memory, however small, please write it down and send it to us. On the positive side the interest in family history and genealogy is increasing so if you are researching Redditch relatives please share you finding with us.


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