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Lost Redditch Streets - by Year

In the 1970’s and ‘80’s whole areas of the centre of Redditch were “re-developed” and the Kingfisher centre was built. In that re-developments, homes, factories, pubs and business were lost and these pages attempt to identify and record the people whose lives were changed forever.  In the following pages you can identify years for which census or other records exist and see who was doing what in the shops, houses and factories in the lost streets.

The Enumerators Route

In creating these pages, one of the issues we faced was that many properties, particularly on early census, did not have property numbers. Another issue was that buildings such as Churches did not have a numbers allocated to them. Therefore to try and give a true picture of a street, and what it would be like to “walk” down that street in past years, we have used the “Enumerators Number” to sequence the records for display, or where such a number was not present, we have allocated an appropriate sequence number to it.

This effectively gives the sequence the Enumerator used as he went from property to property recording details of the occupants of that property. So for example, where a street typically has even numbers one side of the road and odd numbers the other, if the enumerator went up the even side and down the odd side this is the sequence the records are displayed on this site.  In some instances however, if someone was not at home and the enumerator had to return later, that property may be out of sequence.

So this is why, on the pages by year, property numbers will not start at one and be presented sequentially. However, we do think it gives a better view of who lived next to whom.

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