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Help and Contribute

Thank you for visiting the  Redditch Heritage Photo Gallery Site of our Remembering Lost Redditch project.

As you will see from browsing these pages the work is still incomplete and on-going. In fact we think it will always be incomplete and on-going because new information, photographs, maps and memories are coming to light all the time.

However, we have to start somewhere and as from December 2012 we have been progressively adding to the site as more data is collected, catalogued and processed to a suitable form to add to the site.  

Have you got information that you think will add another piece of the Lost Redditch jigsaw and be of interest to others?   Would you like to help us  collect, catalogue and process data as it become available?  If so we would like to hear from you.

 You can contact us by email on or telephone on 01527404365.

Please re-visit the site on a regular basis and see what new content has become available.

The Heritage Photo Gallery