Lost Streets Gallery

A collection of photographs showing the streets of Old Redditch before the new town was built.  


Lost Streets Galleries

A collection of photographs showing aspects of daily life in Old Redditch before the new town was built.

Remembered Residents Gallery

Photographs bringing to life the faces of the Redditch residents who live and worked in Old Redditch.

Remembered Residents Old Redditch Gallery

A collection of photographs showing the transformation of Old Town to New Town.

New Town Gallery New Roads Gallery

The Roads infrastructure was a major aspect of the New town. This galley shows the development of that infrastructure.

New Roads Gallery

Selective photographs showing how aspect of Redditch have changed over time.

A collection of photographs submitted to the project by individuals reflecting their memories of the Old town.

The Changing Face of Redditch My Memories Gallery Streets Index Page

A miscellaneous collection of photographs rescued by Nancy Baggott from the Redditch Development Corporation as it wound down.

RDC Remembered RDC Remembered Gallery Alan Foxall's Gallery

Allan Foxall is one of the familiar historians in Redditch and these photographs are a very small reflection of his vast collection.

Alan Foxall’s Redditch New Town Gallery My Memories Gallery Old Redditch Galleries

A regular feature of the Old town was the annual carnival. Here we present a few photographs of carnival that we have, we would like more.

Redditch Carnival Redditch Carnival Gallery Redditch From Above Redditch From Above

Despite all the photos taken of Redditch, those taken from the air always show a new perspective. Here are some ariel photos of Redditch to enjoy.

The Geoff Holmes Collection The Geoff Holmes Collection

Geoff Holmes took many photographs of Redditch in the late 1970’s and early 1970’s. This gallery contains those photographs but at this stage has restricted access.

Help & Contribute My Redditch Photographs Emergency Redditch Advertisers

We have had a large number of photographs donated to the project by Redditch residents.  Here are just a few.

Emergency Indicators Emergency Redditch Advertisers

For a short period in 1959, the Redditch Indicator was forced to print brief emergency editions. Here are a few for you to read.

Redditch Schools Reditch Schools

“The happiest days of our Life”.  Schools, we all look back on our school days and school friends with affection. Here are some photographic memories of Redditch schools.