Commemorating 50 Years of Redditch New Town

2014 will be the 50th anniversary of the designation of Redditch as a new town. The RLHS believes this is an event of historical significance to the town.  It is as important as the founding of Bordesley Abbey and its subsequent dissolution.  

The conversion of Forge Mill, and other mills along the Arrow to needle scouring mills, The decision of the Gatehouse Community to move one mile south to higher ground. The ambition of Albert Eadie to make motorcycles and the foresight of Charles Deveraux to build a shadow factory when the government could not see the threat of war with Germany.

Was the change from old town to new town a good thing? Opinion will always be divided.  No, we can no longer shop in the myriad of independent stores that populated Evesham Street or know most of the people we see.  But yes we now have good roads, houses and schools and the days when Silver Street and the area known as Wapping, with rat infested slums and Dickensian workshops, was a no-go area at night are also gone.

This site is one of a number of projects being organised to commemorate 50 years of Redditch New Town.  Visit our sister site for more details.