Memories Of Old Redditch

A collection of reminisces about growing up and life in Old Redditch before the new town was built.  

This collection is ordered by topic

Memories of Old Redditch

A collection of reminisces about growing up and life in Old Redditch before the new town was built.

This collection is ordered by the resident remembering

My House, My Street

We all have memories of our childhood. In these memories, Redditch residents remember the house and street they were born in, or grew up in.

My House, My Street
Residents Memories

A collection of memories by Peter Harris of his childhood and Marlpit farm.

Memories of Marlpit Farm
A Redditch Childhhood

Peter White was born at No. 2 Wellington Street.  In this section he remembers growing up and life close to the Town Centre.

A Redditch Childhood

Pam Day was born in Redditch and still live is the family home one owned by her Grandparents.  Here she remembers her many walks around the town growing up in Redditch.

Bryan Thomas came to Redditch as a child with his parents who were looking for a better life. He remembers the trial and tribulations of growing up and finding his true vocation as entertainer Tommy Thomas.

Walking Through Redditch
A Musical Youth
A Musical Youth

Glo Thorogood remembers Headless Cross through photographs taken by her father, Leonard Baker, in the 1970’s

My Father’s Headless Cross
My Father's Headless Cross Made and Sold In Redditch

Advertising has always been part of commercial life.  In this memories section we recall some of the products, places and commercial organisations who traded in Redditch in the past.

Made & Sold in Redditch
Memories Of Marlpit Farm Walking Through Redditch I Remember Old Redditch

Wartime memories taken from Anne Bradford’s book, Old Redditch Voices, First published in 2005.

Thanks for the memories Anne.

A Midlands Town

In the 1950’s, the Sunday Mercury was running a series of double page spreads portraying Midlands Towns. On the 9th July 1950 portrait No. 20 featured Redditch under the heading of “Flies, Hooks and Needles”.

Redditch In Wartime
A Midlands Town
Redditch in Wartime

A collection of reminisces about visits to Redditch by members of the Royal family

Royal Redditch
Royal Redditch Redditch in the 1880’s
The Webb Family in the 1880s

Penny Hoskyns found a collection of documents relating to one of her ancestors, William Webb, and his everyday business affairs in the 1880’s.

A Soldier’s Tale
A Soldier's Tale

Frank Knight is very proud of his father’s army career during WW2 and shares some of those memories with us here.

My Childhood Memories
My Childhood Memories

Margaret Taylor was born Margaret Gwilliam at 57 Plymouth Road in the 1930.  Although she now lives in Broadway she still has fond memories of Redditch.

Old Redditch Farms
South Redditch Farms

“Old” Redditch was surrounded by rich farmland.  Ian Hayes has studied many on these pages you’ll find some of Ian’s findings on Old Redditch Farms.

An Expat Remembers
An Expat Remembers Redditch

Joy Pearson was brought up in Redditch when her Dad moved here to work at the “Alloys”.  She still has many memories and great affection for the town.

Redditch From Above
Redditch From Above

In this section we take a look at Redditch from above.  Most of the photographs come from the EH “Britain From Above site” with some interesting local photos.

Palace Theatre Memories
Memories of the Palace Theatre

Colin Wheeler has spent a life in Amateur Theatre, much at the Palace Theatre Redditch. On these few pages he recall some of his memories “Treading the Boards”

Building Redditch
Memories of the Building Trade

Colin Wheeler also had a “Proper Job” and worked in the building trade.  He saw many changes over the years as he recall here.

The Warrin Family
The Warrin Family

Beech House, 6 Church Green East, represents one of the Green’s most imposing properties. It was the home of the Warrins an these Newspaper trace their early history